Frases para Aprender el abecedario

Este es un pequeño truco para aprender el abecedario, con solo repetir unas frases con su pronunciamiento. Solo debes leer cada una de las frases, y luego repetirlas en voz alta. Como recomendación, podrías grabarte y escucharte una y otra véz, hasta que des con el punto perfecto. Empecemos!!!

– I don’t remember /
– I think so/
– I don’t think so/
– Let’s eat lunch
– I already ate breakfast
– This or that way
– Maybe
– Maybe not
– Don’t be stupid
– I wish that…
– Let me see if I have change
– Stop smoking
– Is (are) there …?
– Like this
– Don’t worry about it
– There is…
– I know him
– As fast as you can
– What time is it?
– How are you?
– Hold on (wait) just a second
– Goodbye
– You are going to get in trouble
– See you later
– Tell her (him) I said hi.
– What?
– Where?
– When?
– How long does it take
– I don’t recognize it
– How much?
– How many?
– Did you see it?
– Did you smell that?
– I felt it
– Did you smell that?
– I touched it
– I heard it
– I smelt it
– I have never heard it
– I have never seen it
– Look
– Listen/
– Don’t touch me
– What smells

Con esto te ayudará un poco a mejorar tu pronunciación además de aprenderte el abecedario.

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